Ceiba Trees Are Portals to Xibalbá

As I have shared with you before, the ceiba tree (Ceiba pentandra) is very important in Guatemala. For one, the Ceiba tree is Guatemala’s national tree. There are Ceiba trees all over Guatemala. The Maya believed that Ceiba trees were portals to Xibalbá (The Underworld). Xibalba is described in the Popol Vuh as a court below the surface of the Earth associated with death and with twelve gods or powerful rulers known as the Lords of Xibalba (source: Wikipedia).

More coming tomorrow about Xibalbá, the Lords of Xibalbá and the twins that defeat them. Stay tuned!

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Ceiba Trees Are Portals to Xibalbá

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  • NYChapin

    As a kid traveling from Guate to Lake Atitlan to visit my grandparents, I often would see a giant Ceiba in the far end of a field on a stretch of road between Escuintla and Santa Lucia Cotz. I always had a strong urge to get off the bus and walk towards the Ceiba. But it was a feeling more about possibilities than the underworld. Perhaps I thought that I would meet the “Grillo” from the Alux Nahual song.

    • Such a poetic reply NYChapin. Now I will have to listen to the song Grillo by Alux Nahual.