Street Portrait of Japanese Jehovah Witness Evangelists in Antigua Guatemala

I really enjoy making portraits of total strangers. Either a captured or posed portrait of strangers on the streets of Antigua Guatemala brings a reward. If the portrait is made without the subject being aware, we obtain a true documentary slice of daily life in Antigua Guatemala. If the subject poses, permission was requested to make the portrait and I add another human interaction, a few smiles, a conversation, a bit of knowledge of a person and perhaps even a new contact if they give me their email or phone number.

I feel the urge to take AntiguaDailyPhoto in this new direction where I share more portraits of the people I encounter in Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding area and even a bit about them if they portraits are with permission. Perhaps, this new approach will pump the needed oxygen to continue with fresh multimedia content. Sort of people centric website. I believe this new direction will make AntiguaDailyPhoto into a much richer resource for people searching to learn and know more about the enchanting colonial town of Antigua Guatemala. What do you guys think?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Jehovah Witness Evangelists

© 2014, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    Now I’ve seen it all….and apparently it’s all in La Antigua Guatemala! Why go anywhere else?

    • Exactly Canche, that’s what I think as well, why go anywhere else, really? 😉

  • Federico Rosales-Arzú

    Rudy: le felicito por su constancia en la documentación fotográfica de LAG (La Antigua Guatemala). Estas fotos plasman los “cuadros de costumbres” de nuestra época, que en años venideros tendrán mucho valor documental de “como eramos”…

    • Gracias Federico, ya son más de ocho años de publicar TODOS los días documentación multimedia de La Antigua Guatemala.

  • Begonia

    Nice portrait of the couple, and nice composition, too. Creams and blues, subtle and understated. Are they trying to “blend in” to the wall behind them? Haha. For how long will the couple live in Guatemala?

    • I don’t know for how long they plan to stay in Guatemala, but I have seen them several times. Next time I run into them I will ask.