Here Come The Guatemalan Flags

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Here Come The Guatemalan Flags

So, what shade of blue is the Guatemalan flag, come on, are you going to tell us?

I learned that in parvulitos ( the shade of blue, not the constitution).
Like many other things in Guate, it;s confusing. It’s suppose to be “azul cielo” or sky blue, but the two blocks on the flag represent the two oceans that border Guate. I grew up with the azul cielo, but like many of great photos have shown, the beautiful color of the Guatemalan sky is ever changing. —NYChapin

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  • NYChapin

    Ja Ja, good one Rudy! I believe that’s an “azul cielo” flag, the color of my childhood. Is there a webcam for the Palacio Nacional or Parque Central in the city? I am curious about which color are the giant flags they display there. Nice job on the page borders and wallpaper.

    • There used to be a couple of public webcams many years ago, but now there are none that are open to the public. There are however dozens of security cameras used by the authorities and hundreds of private webcams. Too bad we don’t have anything like in Guatemala. I toyed with the idea, but I am not sure business owners here will be as receptive.