Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala on Halloween

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 2

Don’t say I did not warn you before about how addicting ice cream in Guatemala can be. Well, as you can see here, even death can not resist it.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 3

So, how is Halloween celebrated in Antigua Guatemala? Well, it depends on your age group. Children, and their vigilant parents, go out in the afternoon trick-or-treating the business of Antigua Guatemala. That’s a quite a different approach as business who wish to participate are big givers of candy and other sweets. Of course, knocking on the doors of neighbours is out of the question in the mostly business fronts of Antigua Guatemala.

Young adults come out at night to party and dance at the different venues, mostly bars and discotheques that host parties. Customs and masks are the norm for many during Halloween night.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 1

Many of the Maya children stand in awe as the children of the ex-pat community and the Westernized Guatemalan children dress up in customs and ask for candy at the park and other venues. I wonder what the Maya children wonder about Halloween?

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  • El Canche

    Yes; I give candy to the kids too and pretend to be frightened when they knock at the door….but I also feel like sharing these comments from a Christian perspective without any desire to offend or seem like an “aguafiestas”!…but what are we celebrating?
    Halloween raises big questions but only gives lies as answers. This is to reflect upon because the questions are about important issues and most of the people involved in Halloween are children. What our children are taught today will affect how our adults behave tomorrow. There are four lies that Halloween perpetuates.

    The first lie is that evil is external; that it is something outside what we are. The reality
    is that while there is an external evil and children do need to be told that genuinely nasty characters do exist out there, the really dangerous evil comes not from outside but from within. (Matthew 15:19). It’s not just them out there we need to worry about, it’s us.

    The second lie is that evil is ugly. The best Halloween costumes are normally considered to be
    the scariest and ugliest. The most dangerous form of evil is precisely that which appears wrapped up in a nice package (2 Corinthians 11:14). Fraudsters, corrupt bankers and seducers of all kinds specialise in looking nice.

    The third lie is that evil is trivial. Many children are told there is ‘nothing to worry about’; not
    really true. Whoever does evil does real damage, not just to their victims but also to their own souls.

    The fourth lie is that evil is undefeatable. Nowhere in Halloween is there any sense that evil should be combated and can be defeated. The subtle lesson that Halloween teaches here is that all you can do with evil, death and the occult powers is to appease them by making an offering to them and hoping that they will go away. How much more encouraging is Colossians 2:15.
    I really cannot see why in Guatemala, where the scourge of death has already invaded daily life to such a degree, people would be interested in importing a cultural festival that celebrates death as amusement?! Maybe a little fun is an antidote to real fear and pain.

  • SpiralCee

    Oh, this made me smile! Halloween is my favorite holiday! Dressing up and getting candy… how can you beat that?
    I’m glad to see this fun holiday is making its way to parts of Guatemala. However, I do hope to see pictures of traditional Gautemalan holidays as well. We all have things to share from our cultures. 🙂

  • CiousCious

    I love Guatemalan festivities. I applaud anyone that can take the time to write about them, regardless. The media offers us a way “to have fun” at a cost. Parents feel a need to keep their kids included in “sold” celebrations. Kids have fun “clueless” to underlaying goals. The result: Monetary profits, families fulfilled, happy kids! … And I should add colorful shots!

  • elgordo

    Maya children are probably thinking, “por que seran tan igualados los ladinos?”

    • I know ElGordo, I think you got it right.