Hurry, Light, We have Beautiful Light Now in Antigua Guatemala

I believe I have mentioned a few times before through the years, we have the most beautiful and incredible light around Antigua Guatemala during the dry season. The formula for this gorgeous light is a combination of the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun, the cold fronts blowing from the north, the eruption of Volcán Fuego and the harvesting of sugar cane on the low coastal lands of the Pacific ocean.

I also said this before: Guatemala sells itself as tourist destination and they focus mainly on the colonial towns, the Mayan people, the Mayan ruins and the Lake Atitlán. Well, they are missing the gorgeous warm light and colors that are available throughout Guatemala.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Light, We have Beautiful Light Now

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  • bridgeofsighs

    I was just trying to explain to someone the other day how beautiful the light is in Guatemala! I think they thought I was a little crazy because it seems the general population of the world believe that light is light – end of story. They are sadly mistaken! But I have never seen anyone else speak of the light of a place except to describe a mood in a novel maybe until now! So thankyou for validating the unique beauty of the light in Guatemala. I love Guatemala so much as it is the country that my husband is from and is therefore linked forever with the most idyllic period of my life as well as the saddest. So when the light falls a certain way here in Alabama in early spring, I often have to catch my breath and hold back tears as the memories flood throughout me. Guess that’s why it’s called breathtaking!

    • Hello BridgeofSights, thanks for the awesome feedback you provided in your commentary. I am glad you enjoyed the post and my thoughts regarding light in Guatemala. Make sure you take one of the I lead around town or in the villages to learn to capture this beautiful light in pictures.