Another Real Estate Development Around Antigua Guatemala

As I have mentioned before if there were a real estate recession somewhere in the world, it did not affect Antigua Guatemala where every way you look, there are new houses and residential communities being built. Today’s picture, for instance, I captured it in San Pedro Las Huertas, taken from behind the residential neighbourhood. Houses and more houses are being built everyday around Antigua Guatemala.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Real Estate Developments Around Antigua Guatemala

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  • El Canche

    I’ve been checking Antigua Real Estate close up for over a decade (planning my return!) and it takes years often to ell a house and prices have to tumble a lot before they get picked by buyers. My suspicion is that the building boom is similar to that of Colombia in the 80’s / 90’s; making illicit money clean. In the case of La Antigua, as the capital becomes increasingly hostile, those who can, choose to move their homes and families out to a safer, fairly close and more pleasant location. Either way, it’s all votes in favour of La Antigua Guatemala!

  • Gini

    My husband and I plan to move to La Antigua, but likely not for many years. Hopefully we’ll still run into you sometime!