Police Raid at La Terraza

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Police Raid at La Terraza

Point 1: I guess the police want you to come and relax in Antigua Guatemala so long as you do it naturally; in other words, without enhancing herbs and drugs as part of the process.

Point 2: Last year this hostel denied lodging accommodations to GuatemalaDailyPhoto’s editor Eli Orozco on the grounds that he was Guatemalan and La Terraza, I was told by the night shift employees, do not host Guatemalans.

Point 3: In the public media spot light the señor Presidente declares he’s all for legalising marihuana, but on the streets, the his government obeys the government from up north, and sends large police raids to squash any instance of smoking of marihuana, even if it is on the terrace of a backpacker hostel.

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  • Teofilo

    If Guatemalan law states that it is illegal to smoke marihuana, and to be in possession of a certain amount of marihuana, then it is illegal to posses and smoke marihuana, and the culprits get to be arrested, fined or both. And that is regardless of the posture of the president regarding drugs, and marihuana. Now, if the law says otherwise, shame on the authorities….

    • Of course, Teofilo, I was being sarcastic about the señor President making all the noise about legalizing marihuana.

  • El Canche

    I think Teofilo has the measure of this….with all the natural highs to be found in Antigua, who needs pot anyway? I think if people could see the chain of human misery it takes to feed the wealthy nations with their habits, people might think again. The same people who take drugs complain because Adidas makes footballs with so called “exploitative wages”…they don’t seem to mind their own human supply chain being cut to pieces alive with chainsaws….pues asi es la gente.

    • That is so true Canche. It is easy to complain as long as it does not affect one personally. I hear the same complains about the consejo de protección of Antigua Guatemala, yet everyone loves the colonial town we have now.

  • Elí Orozco

    Rudy, I’m on a difficult position here. First, I am for legalization of Cannabis, I do not encourage the use of it, but it does not bother me at all.
    Second, there are hundreds of places were smoking it is common occurrence, many of them in La Antigua; Solola, Petén and Coban are not far behind.
    Local authorities are aware of this, makes me wonder what was the trigger to raid on of these places.
    Third, I hold no respect for the owners of this hostel who have put in place racist policies that hace been implemented against me.
    They were lucky I dis not plaxe a formal complaint with DIACO or Guatemala’s writen media.
    In other words, for this only time I dare to say: I hope they get screwed!…

  • Teofilo

    Eli Orozco, you should file a complaint with DIACO, because of what La Terraza did to you, one year ago, and now is the time. Denying lodging, at a commercial business that functions as a hotel, pension, or the like, is blatant discrimination, against you, and the entire population of Guatemala. It is against the law!!…

    • I believe Teofilo has a very valid point, Elí Orozco, perhaps we should never let this kind discrimination slide, especially in Guatemala, our country.

      • Elí Orozco

        Right Rudy, and that’s why we should let people know not to stay at this hotel.

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Teofilo.
      Well, I came to Guatemala “en son de paz”, so I rather not get involved with the bureaucratic mess placing a formal complaint would be.
      I know what they did is not right, and the best I can do is tell people not to visit this business.
      And: No voy a amargar mi juvilacion por unos pendejos racistas.

  • solares2001 .

    Im Guatemalan, I stayed at La Terraza twice last month. Once with an American friend and a second time a week later with my Guatemalan cousin. Neither time did they give me a hard time.

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Solares. Rudy is Guatemalan an when he went asking for rooms few minutes after they told me there were no available, they tell him there was vacancy. He asked them why they denied me and they told him because I was Guatemalan.
      It is clearly based on looks. I am 75% Mayan Mam, clearly distinguishable, maybe that’s the kind of Guatemalan they don’t want? What are you thoughts about it?