Winter Light in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Winter Light in Antigua Guatemala

Today we have experienced one of the coldest day of Winter, the low temperature was 10C/50F and highest 22C/72F. Nevertheless, the sunshine is beautiful. So, if you are planning a visit to Antigua Guatemala, make sure you dress accordingly to this horrible cold weather and don’t forget your sunglasses. 😉

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  • El Canche

    Rudy, you do make it hard for us who live in the UK enduring -4 degrees at night and 3 degrees maximum in the daytime, with skies that do not distinguish between 7 in the morning or 6 at night and all this for weeks on end! Crisp air and the smell of wood burning….that’s the dream!

    • Sorry Canche, I forget that some of you have it really bad during Winter. 😉