Marimba Day in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Marimba Day in Guatemala

Apparently, the marimba is everywhere nowadays. For starters, Guatemala has an official Marimba Day, which is observed on February 20. They play marimba everywhere and they even hold a marimba festival at the Palace of Culture in Guatemala City. In Antigua Guatemala, there are marimba music recitals, as well many radios play lots of marimba music on this date. I mean, even more so than usual. Furthermore, I read that the marimba instrument was declared cultural patrimony of the Americas on February 12 by the American States Organization.

That’s way too much marimba for me. I hope you fee different about the marimba music.

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  • El Canche

    Well, I suppose there is a nuisance-value to this instrument and for that reason it is compared to the “suegra”: porque ch**ga; ch**ga; gh**ga! In my case, my “suegra” is an absolute angel and to be with her and the family in La Antigua enjoying Sunday lunch with the marimba playing is the greatest feeling….but marimba music on a Monday morning on the way to work……otro cuento. So for me, the appreciation of the marimba is selective.