Muslim Visitors to Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Muslin Visitors

One of the benefit of the camera is that it forces to observe what we normally only look. For instance, how often do Muslims visit Antigua Guatemala, yet this is the first time I have captured with the camera during a recent photo walk around town. The camera teaches us to really scrutinise our surroundings and to pay attention.

By the way, even though Guatemala is country with freedom of religion, there are not a lot of Muslims here. I have seen a mosque in Mixco, the county between Guatemala City and San Lucas Sacatepequez, on the road to Antigua Guatemala. If you want to learn more about the Muslims in Guatemala, visit the website.

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  • NYChapin


  • euro.guest

    …one more reason why europeans love coming to Guatemala. Three weeks of traveling in Guate and you dont see a single muslim… heaven… unfortunately Europe is being overrun by them…. And this has nothing to do with racism : you just have to watch the news and over 90% of all wars and violence in this world is because of them… simple fact…