Portrait of selfie at Calle del Arco, Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; Portrait of selfie at Calle del Arco, Antigua Guatemala

I know that through history artists have realised self-portraits. Also, I am aware that the people started taken self-portraits when the Instamatic or Polaroid cameras appeared, perhaps even before so. Furthermore, I am certain this practice probably increased with the appearance of point-n-shoot cameras. However, I don’t remember the self-portraits being so pervasive and omnipresent until the smartphone with a camera became mass device. Am I wrong? Can you share your impressions regarding self-portraits and selfies?

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  • Jeannine

    yes Rudy… you’re absolutely right… I wish we had digital cameras and cell phones when I was young… I would have a lot more memories to look back on…. what I find really stupid are those selfie sticks though…. people look really silly holding their phones one meter away on a metal stick… what ever happened to asking other people “could you please take photo of me” or offering to take pictures of people you see trying to take selfies ??? ( and when someone takes your photo, it always looks better than a selfie I think, right ?) it was always a good way to get talking to people, but with selfies and those silly sticks no one seems to be doing that anymore…

  • Fascinating how we love to see ourselves in a the world. Selfies document our experience without need for words, a universal language accessible across culture for us monolingual folks.

  • Birdman

    Aging will catch up with them. It’s already started. Will they still be posing like this at 80??????