Meet the Guatemalan Mango de Leche

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guatemalan Mango de Leche

While some people in the northern hemisphere are still suffering the struggles of a harsh winter, here in Antigua Guatemala we are already enjoying the benefits of Summer. The mercado, market, is full of summer tropical fruits: mangoes, jocotes de marañón, tangerines, all kinds of berries, pineapples, etc.

In my opinion, this is the most delicious mango there is. In Guatemala, this fruit goes by the following names: mango de leche, mango de pashte [loofah], mando de pita, just to list some its names.

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  • CGoo

    I think these are called Ataulfa mangoes here in Canada. I had one the other day and they are truly delicious! Much less of a “piney” taste than the red mangos. Can’t wait to try them in Gautemala!

    • Thanks CGoo for sharing the interesting fact with us. When are you coming to Guatemala?

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      • CGoo

        Rudy, I am arriving in Guatemala April 1st. Soooo excited! I’ve rented an apartment near Pana.

    • Manolo Romero Escobar

      I’m not sure is the same one. The Ataulfos are not as “stringy” as “mango de pita”. Rudy, are these the mangos that you have to floss after eating the flesh? My dad used to just squeeze them within their skin, open a hole and suck the juice out (no flossing required afterwards).
      Cheers from *la belle province*.

      • CGoo

        I think you may be right! Ataulfos are known for not being stringy. I guess I will just have to all the mangos to find out. 🙂