Guatemalan Food: Tortillas con longaniza

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash;© Guatemalan Food: Tortillas con longaniza by Rudy Giron

How can a simple dish such as tortillas con longanizas can be so delicious. As I have mentioned before, Guatemalan longanizas are basically pork white sausages with onion, garlic and yerba buena [mint] in the mixture. Chirmol, the most popular Guatemalan salsa, is basically charbroiled or pouched tomates without the skin and then mashed and mixed with chopped onion and hierba buena [mint] top with salt and pepper to taste. Often, chiltepes are added to the chirmol salsa. Freshly-made tortillas are the last piece of the recipe.

The taste of the longanizas and chirmol is best when the ingredients are charbroiled, but you could prepare this dish on a stove. ¡Buen provecho!

© 2015, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Sure looks very tasty.

  • JLuisito

    Chirmol os not as simple as that either the longanizas. There os a wish range of how yo prepare chirmol and longanizas. Something that is amazing about the small country of Guatemala is that every departamento, every Municipio, every Cabecera de municipio, even every aldea, has their own version of how to prepare this Guatemalan goodies. The herbs, the cooking process, the meets the hit use on it is way different depending the ocation!

  • JLuisito

    It is not a simple food it is a comfort food because includes every family memory in every bite you get. That’s why is so delicious!