The Daily of Dose of Cola of the Construction Worker

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Daily of Dose of Cola of the Construction Worker

What is it with alabañiles, construction workers, and cola soda drinks? If you pay attention to albañiles at constructions sites during refacción, snack breaks, or lunch breaks, invariable you the cola 2 and 3-liter bottles being pass around.

I guess Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Big Cola and whatever cola are the convenient vehicle for massive doses of sugar and caffeine. By the way, recently we watched a documentary about natural vs processed foods where We learned that sugar is ten times more addictive than cocaine. Perhaps this is the reason sodas are so addictive. The name of the documentary scapes me right now, but I will update as soon as look my recently watched list.

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  • Water would have been my choice.

  • Mercutio57

    I once knew a guy from Guerrero who told me of patrones that generously supplied their workers with beer when they were finishing up the job. Men would occasionally end up falling off of the beautiful new roofs, which isn’t very good for one’s health either. Dame agua, porfa.