Guatemalan Charbroiled Sausages

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash;

As I have shared with you before, Guatemalans love the grilled meats, especially charbroiled meats. Of course, sausages are a favourite when it comes to charcoal grilled meats. This picture is shows a sampling of morcilla [blood sausage], longaniza [white sausage] and chorizo [red sausage]. The most popular sausages eaten in Guatemala are longanizas and chorizos; they are an integral part of the shuco hot dogs and tortillas con sausages and chirmol. What’s your favourite Guatemalan charbroiled meat?

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  • Oscar Juárez

    Those look delicious! One thing, though: In Guatemala, blood sausages are more commonly known as “morongas”.

    • Not now Oscar, they call them morcillas, rellenas and morongas. For some reason, they use the term moronga much less now.

  • Scott

    I do love morcilla…great photo, Rudy.