Façade at Casa de los Gigantes

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Façade at Casa de los Gigantes

Every so often I capture the current state of the façade of Casa de los Gigantes, located right across from Iglesia de San Francisco El Grande. That’s how I know the color of the wall is changed almost every year. The current yellow color is not amarillo La Merced, which I think would be a better hue and complement to the sign above the door. Have you ever entered this shop?

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  • jose de ruiz

    I sent a package of two rolls of film today to your address in Florida It should arrive there Monday. This is the tracking number:9114 9999 4431 4612 4516 15. Let me know when it arrives to you in Guatemala. Enjoy taking photos! Jose

    • Thanks again José for the rolls of films. I am excited about the portrait possibilities with the black and white film. I will keep you posted.