Gaby Moreno and Misha Moliviatis in La Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Gaby Moreno and Misha Moliviatis

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of photographing two amazing, inspiring women: Gaby Moreno and Misha Moliviatis.

Those loyal readers who have followed the daily updates of AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while know how much I have enjoyed the music of Gaby Moreno way before she was world-famous. I believe I encountered her music through the public broadcasts of KCRW, the radio station of Santa Monica community college about a decade or so ago. Her enchanting siren voice and music captivated me from the first notes. This is even before I realised she was actually born and raised in Guatemala City. I have shared quite a few videos of her music in the past, below two of my favourites.

Misha Moliviatis is quite possibly the most famous chef from Guatemala; sort of like Jamie Olivier is for England. Misha has two television cooking shows: Desafío Culinario and Puro Chef. I first met her work through the television and only last year I met her personally with other chefs from Latin America she was hosting in La Antigua Guatemala. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work along her as food advisors for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Needless to say, these two beautiful women make me proud and inspire me in so many ways. If you don’t know them, make sure you follow the links to their web sites.


Yo vi la función
Fui testigo de aquella ovación
Eran mil, talvez más
Sin sospechar jamás
Sufrían del spleen
Escapaban de un ocio sin fin
El remedio infalible
Era ver al gran Garrick

Marionetas saltan y las ponen a bailar
Empieza la comedia y todos ríen sin parar
Ja, ja, ja, ja

Al poco tiempo un señor
Ante un médico se presentó
Su mirada oscura y triste decía
Que moría por morir
Siguió una larga interrogación
Y al ver que nada le causaba emoción
El médico exclamó
Tu mal se ha de extinguir
Al ver al gran Garrick

Marionetas saltan y las ponen a bailar
Empieza la comedia y todos ríen sin parar
Ja, ja, ja, ja
El hombre sonrió
Con ojos húmedos:
“Yo no me curo así…
Yo soy Garrick!”

© 2015 – 2016, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Anne Gerhardt

    And I was there! What a great lunch and a fun day, Rudy! x