Weekend Vistas At Calle del Arco

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Weekend Vistas At Calle del Arco

On the weekends and holidays, Calle del Arco is turned into a pedestrian path. Honest, I don’t understand why they don’t make Calle del Arco into a permanent pedestrian thoroughfare between Parque Central and Iglesia de La Merced. Who wants to vote for that?

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  • Jeannine

    Why oh why didn’t you ask her to turn around ??? That is my dear friend Lily !!! Wel, just seeing here from the back and knowing she is well and in HER spot makes me happy…. can’t wait to be back in Antigua in October !!!

    • I have taken and shared many pictures of Lily here before. In this case, I was showing how to frame a picture, the typical pictures, to make them more interesting; that’s why Lily is out of focus, yet by showing her Prensa Libre vest, we’re able to place the photograph on place and time. Those who know her will know she’s Lily, those who don’t will just appreciate the interesting framing of the photograph. Take a look at it again, the picture is deceivingly simple. 😉

  • Jeannine

    …and yes, I couldn’t agree more, theyr should make Calle del Arco pedestrian all the time. It’s so nice to stroll down the street withouth having to watch for cars behind, children playing in the street, much more room for the nice ladies to sell their stuff and the benches and flower pots they have on weekends look inviting and beautiful, so they should have them all the time. Cars can go and park elsewhere, who needs them, right?

    • Others suggested we should also make the streets around Parque Central pedestrian. Some even argued about making the whole grid pedestrian. I’m up for both ideas, maybe by doing it in stages.