The Day Guatemala Stood Still

Paro Nacional en La Antigua Guatemala.

On August 27, Guatemalans from all over were to call to a general national strike with the goal to ask for the resignation of Guatemala’s president, regarded by many as illegitimate because the many scandals of corruption and charges brought forth by the Ministerio Público, Public Ministry and CICIG.

Of course, many antigüeños hit to streets around La Antigua Guatemala to add this city to the nationwide strike. Here are a few photos and a 60-second video clip to give you an idead of the manifestations looked like in La Antigua Guatemala.

Many business throughout Guatemala were closed in observance of the national strike. Many business in La Antigua Guatemala were also closed.

If you want to learn more about it, follow the hash tags #‎paronacional‬ ‪#‎YoPorGuatemala‬ ‪#‎27AGT‬ on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

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  • Jeannine

    ….wow… Guatemala even made into the news in Germany with this, which is
    very rare.

    Personally I never understood how an ex-general who did lord knows what during the war could become president in the first place. I wish Guatemala would finally get a president they deserve and someone who takes care of the people, meaning the real Guatemalans and not the rich folks in the capital. Why not an indigenous man or woman from outside the capital who would finally take care of the people’s needs and help those who really need it instead of just making the rich even more rich and only thinking of their own wealth and power ? Maybe even someone from outside the country who loves Guatemala would be a good candidate for president because they would treat the people equally and help those in need instead of the greedy ones. I never understood how the millionaires in the capital can keep their eyes closed to what’s going on around them and not do anything they can to help those in need. How can you live with yourself having millions and millions in your account and knowing there are actually children who die of malnutrition in front of your doorstep ? I so admire the people in the remote mountain villages who have almost nothing in terms of physical things but who’s lives are a millions times richer than ours because they are happy, have family and friends that care, live in place where people still care about and help each other, there is still a sense of community….