Sweeping Changes in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Cleaning Crew

Zero violence! Only love, happiness and peace while Guatemalans are changing the country forever with their manifestations and rejection of corruption at all levels of the government; thus making history in the process.

It all started back in late April when Guatemalans yelled: ¡Ya basta! Enough is enough. And every weekend after that large numbers of Guatemalans gather around the Constitutional Square in Guatemala City and other mains square around the country to ask for an end to corruption and injustice. What started as snow ball has become an avalanche that has brought the ex vice president out of office and into a jail house.

Yesterday, Guatemala made it to the front news the world over for having stripped the prosecution immunity of the current President of Guatemala, first time ever in Guatemala and quite possibly in Latin America. Guatemala is setting the bar really high on the search for justice. Thus many countries in Latin America are looking at Guatemala as a role model for the elimination of corruption and the incarceration of top official involved.

I assure you, Guatemalans are having the time of their lives. There is zero violence; everything is done peacefully and with many acts of kindness.

Follow my updates on Twitter [@rudygiron] and Facebook and you will find that I’m sharing large collections of emotional photographs of people doing extraordinary things as I encounter them on my social media streams. For instance, protesters covering the police against the rain. Or another group of protesters handing out white roses. Or a woman kissing good-bye to each police officer on the scene. As always, follow the white rabbit [the links].

Zero violence, I repeat, only love, happiness and peace while changing the country forever. The cleaning crowds have arrived!

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  • Jeannine

    …..I think by all my past commentaries everyone knows by now HOW much I love Guatemala and
    it’s people ;o) !! And yes, you made it into the news here in Europe once again and you set such a great example for peaceful protest and that maybe things CAN change if everyone works together
    for the greater good.
    When you look at the update of the german governments travel advisory, all they have to say is be careful of large crowds and don’t go there and they scare people off saying
    there will be elections soon and protests and blocades are to expected… instead
    they should say Support the Guatemalans in any way you can !! Go there now more
    than ever and spend your money to help the economy and support the people. And don’t
    be afraid because they are the most warm hearted and kind people. In about 7 weeks I will be back home in my beloved Antigua (home is where the heart is goes the saying, right ? I left my heart in Guate years ago, from the very first time I went there… ) and I guess by then you will hopefully have a new president who will finally take care of the people – everyone, not just the rich folks.

  • NYChapin