Transculturation and Gender in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Transculturation and Gender in Guatemala

Gender and identity. Gender and transculturation. Is there a difference in how men and women assume their identity and their traditions. What about culture, are girls and boys being thought differently? What are your thoughts about his picture of a Guatemalan young adult dressed in an U.S. flag t-shirt, jeans, and tenis shoes while his companion wears a traditional Maya huipil and skirt? What differences have you noticed between Guatemalan women and men in the way the dress? Lots of questions that I need your answers for. Please help.

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  • NYChapin

    Rudy, last nigh I came across the word “transculturation” while reading Angel Rama’s book “La cuidad Letrada” Have you read him before? he also wrote a book on the subject of “transculturation in the Americas” I highly recommend that you read them, as they will be a perfect compliment to this series.

    As to your questions: I guess Maya women have more “pantalones” than the men by continuing to use the traje and resisting the change. In fact, I believe the use of traje in Guate has been increasing significantly in the last decades.

    I personally think is great that both have the freedom to dress any way that they choose and admire them both. Beyond all the social labels, they are young, good looking and hip Guatemalans !

    I read a book that explained that part of the reason the use of traje in Maya men has decreased over the centuries, was the need for them to leave the household, as well as hometowns, to work in the fields of large plantations and the city. The use of traje was not practical and began to wear westernized clothing.

    Now my questions: Are you going to question the difference between identity in Ladino men and women? is there one?