Saving Guatemalan Souls

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Missionaries in Antigua Guatemala

If you pay attention to the number of missionaries in Guatemala you can only conclude that Guatemalan souls are in danger. Guatemalans are such sinners about to lose their souls, right? What other explanation can you give to the over 100,000 evangelical temples [Protestants] in the country. Come on, that’s not even counting the thousands of Roman Catholic churches nor the Mashimón shrines or Maya ceremony sites. Sinners, I tell you, sinners that need their souls saved.

This is the only explanation I can come up with for the tens of thousands of missionaries; from Mormons to Mennonites, from Jehovah Witnesses to the Amish, from Catholics to Protestants, all of them come because… well, can anyone tell me why they come?

On the other hand, I wonder, how many Guatemalan missionaries are saving souls in the U.S., Canada or Europe?

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  • Mercutio57

    I don’t have a number for you, Rudy, but I have certainly met Guatemalans that are here in the U.S. as missionaries! There are Spanish-speaking evangelical churches everywhere here in el Norte and most of them are started by immigrants. They might not be here under the auspices of a missionary agency, but they are missionaries all the same.

  • John Burkey

    They all go there because it I such a beautiful place!! Actually the Southern Baptist Association which is the largest Protestant missionary organization with 5000 missionaries around the world has almost cut out all missionaries to central and south America. They are focusing on unreached people groups in other countries. Places like Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a huge city with only a handful of churches.

  • El Canche

    Hmmmm!! How do you market the unfathomable God? ….as best as you can, pues! Sometimes it seems like selling shampoo; mine gives the shine; his gives the nourishing; hers gives the strength. As long as they genuinely try to prompt people into taking the choice, I think it’s OK. Now; why Antigua? well; souls are no different here than there and if you CAN do some saving and the location just HAPPENS to be one of the most beautiful and welcoming towns in the world, then you’d be crazy not to?!

  • dg

    There are missionaries in Guatemala because 1. every proselytizing religion believes that it alone holds the key to salvation, or 2. porque hay pisto para robar.

    • John Burkey

      Guatemalan pisto es mucho bueno!!

  • Ed Brunet

    Hi Rudy, Most likely these Mennonite girls are in Antigua to learn Spanish because they have volunteered somewhere in Central America to work as low paid/unpaid volunteers like myself. They work in such programs as children homes taking care of the children who have been abandoned or orphaned. Our Children’s Home in Siguatepeque, Honduras has sent many over the years because Antigua is the closest and most inepensive place to learn Spanish. As a matter of fact I’ll be bringing a volunteer with me in January. It will be my 8th trip in 2 1/2 years. Speaking on evangelizing, I can’t speak for anyone but myself. When a young man falls in love with the girl of his dreams he wants to tell everyone about her. When a sinner repents and meets the Savior and lover of his soul he wants to tell everyone about Him. Therefore, I can personally testify that I was that sinner and that Jesus is the Savior of my soul. He is alive and He saves sinners like myself. Now that’s good news!!

    • John Burkey

      Well said and so true!!

  • Jeannine

    … that is what I am wondering myself. It seems most Americans only offer to help the Guatemalans if they go to their church in return. They do they always have to mission everyone ? Don’t they think the Guatemalans have enough with their traditional catholic and maya religion ? In Pana for example, the Mormorns build this huge new church right on Calle Santander, so prime retail space. What the heck is that good for ??? Can you imagine how many schools you could have built in the villages around the lake with that money ???? Building big new churches is a real waste of money if you ask me and the do-gooders should rather build schools and hospitals which are needed much more, right ?
    And Guatemalan sould definately don’t need saving !!! They are far healthier and happier than we are !!!

    • John Burkey

      God has given a lifeboat and told us to save as many as we can. Believing is Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sin is my life boat. How can I not invite others in?

      • Jeannine

        Well… everyone has it’s point of view. Many people in remotes villages are malnourished. What good is your Jesus if they are starving, not getting the medical attention they need and the children don’t have decent schools to go to ? I think the money could be spent way better than wasting it on stupid churches. Plus as mentioned, Guatemalans are catholic and/or have their traditional mayan relgion, so you really think they need all those evangelicals who sometimes even devide villages ?

        • John Burkey

          A person’s true beliefs are not what they say, but what they do. I agree with you. My wife and I send money every month to a young girl and her family in Honduras for food, medicine and education through Compassion International.

  • Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback and open conversation. In this world and age, we need to have more peaceful exchanges of beliefs, points of view and opinions. Awareness of other points of view is the path tolerance and peace.