Planets and Constellations at Compañía de Jesús Building

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Planets and Constellations at Compañía de Jesús Building

This first week of December has been a week full galaxies, stars, planets, and such at the Compañía de Jesús building, La Antigua Guatemala’s de facto cultural center. From a showing of the film “Interstellar” to hanging planets and images of faraway galaxies decorating the corridors. Today there was a conference about the “Dark side of the Universe.” Tomorrow we will be watching other planets with telescopes starting at 6pm. There’s plenty to see out there, you know.

However, tomorrow’s post will be about being grounded and planning the future of La Antigua Guatemala, its villages, the valley and surrounding municipalities with an overview of the conference and discussion about Architecture and Urbanism lead by the elected major Susana Asensio and a group of professionals in the field of city planing. Stay tuned!

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  • NYChapin

    How fun, love the composition Rudy. That building always gives me headaches when trying to photograph it.

    • What NYChapin, the Compañía de Jesús building is such a delight to photograph, you can point your camera to any direction and you will get a gorgeous picture. Make sure you take one of my photo walks to learn how to compose images of a building such as this. By the way, Antigua Photo Walk might be coming to NYC on May 2016, stay tuned!

      • NYChapin

        That’s good news Rudy !

        • Well, what can I say NYChapin, you planted the seed, the idea in my head. #Inception