Antigua Sandwich Week: Roast Beef Sandwich

Rudy Giron: Food Photography &emdash; Roast Beef Sandwich from Sabe Rico

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Emparedado or sandwich.

Believe it or not, roast beef sandwiches are not difficult to find in La Antigua Guatemala. Easily I can think of three or more places when one can have a delicious roast beef sandwich such as Sabe Rico, Epicure and Doña Luisa. This is the roast been sandwich from Sabe Rico and my favourite version in town so far.

Can you explain the literal meaning of the word emparedado?

© 2016, Rudy Girón. All rights reserved.

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  • Federico Robles

    Emparedar: Encerrar a alguien entre paredes, sin comunicación alguna. That’s what the Diccionario de la Lengua Española says. Emparedado is someone locked between walls.
    Reminds you of the Cask of amontillado?
    In Guatemala I’ve never heard the word “emparedado”. We use “pan con…”, “sanguche” or sandwich.
    That one looks great, by the way.
    Thanks for this semana del sanguche!

    • Hola Federico, pues emparedado es una palabra muy común, aunque usamos más panes de… Todavía faltan algunos panes y lugares que quedaron pendientes. Tal vez la próxima semana continue con lo que falta de la serie Sandwich Week.