Bella Vista Baristas

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Bella Vista Coffee 1

Well well, well if you think baristas are all men, then you got it wrong. As you can see here, the baristas at Bella Vista Coffee Shop in Antigua Guatemala are all women. So, if you are looking for an excellent cup of coffee from a local plantation, you can stop by and Hilda, Karina or Karen will be happy to serve you up their best cup of java. ¡Buen provecho!

If you want to take a tour through the previous posts on the mini series Antigua Coffee Week, as always, follow the white rabbit [link].

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Bella Vista Coffee 2

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  • Jeannine

    ….unfortunately what I mostly notice in this photo is your average unproperly dressed female tourist… Do you ever see Guatemalan women dressed like that ? No… So I think out of respect you should dress properly when you visit another country… ( Plus I looked at the weather report for Antigua…. it’s not like ti’s over 30° there right now anway… Call me old fashioned, I just find it rude to walk around half naked unless you are in a beach resort.. )

    • Hi Jeannine, to be fair, the girl looked tanned and quite probably had just arrived from a beach resort, so perhaps that’s the reason she was wearing this kind of clothes, but I don’t know for sure. Did you see the other photo where I only show the baristas?

      • jeannine

        Yes I have. …
        matter of fact the girl on the left seems familiar. She was working at Café El
        Sol on the Parque before, right ? ( Simply THE most perfect location for people watching while sipping your coffee when you sit on the couch right next to the door ). Where is this café located ?

  • Manolo Romero Escobar

    I’m a little confused why anyone would think baristas to be exclusively of any gender in particular. But, hey, I don’t live in a country *blessed * with morals and values like Guatemala
    (is your html broken?)

    • jeannine

      öhm… I wasn’t talking about the nice barista ladies, but the female tourist in front of the counter. And I am myself not Guatemalan obvisously. I just find it inappropriate to walk around like that … ( … in most countries you would call this underwear and not clothes anyway ;o) !!)

      • Manolo Romero Escobar

        Hi J. I was not referring to your comment but to Rudy’s first couple of lines in the post. Also, the sarcasm was related to “current events” in my motherland (I am originally from Guatemala but living in Canada for 1.5 decades now): There are issues regarding the passing on a law that involves Sex Ed and protection of youth (there is a rampant problem of teenage mothers and a culture of rape and misogyny in my otherwise beautiful country of origin). The churches and most of the “well off” educated population oppose it. As someone put it on twitter: Abortion and contraceptives are from the devil… but death penalty is from god. Only in Guatemala.
        I personally have nothing against the way people dress or with your position. I do think, however, that that it is a very similar position to those who oppose Muslim women to use a hijab (not even a burka) in “Western” countries… “They should dress like people here”

        • jeannine

          OK.. sorry for the misunderstanding. We haven’t heard anything about that in the news here… The only thing coming over from the Americas these days in the news is either Mr Trump ( … heaven help us ;o) !!!) or the Zica virus. … I know my view might be old fashioned, but I think if you dress half naked you can’t complain if something happens afterward cause it’s almost like you’re asking for it… And yes, muslims have become a real problem in Europe especially this past year, but it’s not so much the headscarf of the women ( which most people oppose because they see it as restriction of the free will of these women if it’s men that impose them to wear it) but it’s the men and their disrespect of western culture that poses problems. Best example what happened at New Years in Cologne… With especially the german government not listening to it’s people one can’t really blame the people for being scared of the muslims and their behavior towards the western countries… Why do they all come here if they hate us so much anyway ? And why so many young men “fleeing” ? It used to be that if there was a war, men took up arms to fight for what they believe in and defend their families instead of all just running away….