Guatemalan hospitality and smiles are always ready to be shared

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Catalog Sellers

CLICK ROULETTE » Guatemalan hapiness is contagious.

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  • Meg

    Lovely photo and awesome effort. Happy birthday, La Antigua.

    • Thanks Meg, for all your support and friendship through the years. From this point forward, AntiguaDailyPhoto will be about that, just a daily life photo and click roulette; that’s it. No more lengthy posts with lots of information, although every once in a while I might break this rule. The title will be the caption and the click roulette might take you to additional interested information. Who knows.

  • jeannine

    Few words are needed to describe Guatemala : color, happiness and big smiles. And the
    happiness of the people is contagious : us visitors are miserable and unhappy
    where we live and as soon as I set foot in Antigua, I can’t help but smile and
    think “yes, I’m home again with people that I love and that make me happy by
    just being there”. Life can be so simple…. You see the happy Guatemalans and
    voilà, you’re happy as well :o) !!