What is happening with Correos de Guatemala?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; What is happening with Correos de Guatemala?

Well, this story can make anyone go postal. It turns out that the Canadian company running the postal service for Guatemala did not get their contract renewed and they literally closed down the entire postal service overnight until the government pointed out that in the contract they signed they had agreed to continue providing the service for a transitional period of three months. Well, well, they are doing so, but with the bare minimum. For instance in the department of Sacatepequez, there were 17 employees under the El Correo de Guatemala and now only two people for the entire department. That’s insane, but even more insane is that they set up only two employees for every department in Guatemala and only the capitals now have an office open to receive the deliver mail.

This is the kind of truth that no one would believe if told in a novel or short fictional story, but in Guatemala happens every day.

Follow the white rabbit to » a few more entries about the postal service in Antigua Guatemala.

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  • elgordo

    Who privatized the postal service? One hears so many nice things about Canadians, but they can be just as corrupt and oppressive as their neighbors to the south.

    • benny fill

      It begins with loans given to private corporations with the Guatemalan government as intermediary and thus the Guatemalan people as debtors, not the private citizens using the money.
      this debt can’t be paid and the collateral is mineral subsoil, national institutions like the Postal Service, etc.
      few people remain who remember when telephone, railroads and such, were foreign companies.
      Arbenz left in the 50s, it’s taken while but like we say in Guatemala: ” Vuelve la burra al trigo ” my friends…

    • Just run the Canadian Libertarians out on a rail or tar and feather them… What are they gonna do? Invade?

  • benny fill

    That is what privatization does Rudy, unfortunately there is a big list of such events over the horizon for Guatemala, so it’s not only about mineral extraction, right?

    • Thanks Benny for your awesome commentary. If I am not mistaken, I believe that it was Arzú who privatize Correos and everything else.