Menu Sign from Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Cooffe Sign in Antigua Guatemala

You can never get bored with the signs you find in Antigua Guatemala. If you don’t believe me, take a photographic tour through the 175 posts with signs from Antigua Guatemala.

Follow the white rabbit to » to food options found in Antigua Guatemala.

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  • treblatravel

    As your photo reveals, Antigua’s signs and posters expose more and more English and less and less Spanish. It’s very unfortunate that Antigua is losing its culture to the Americans. Unilingual English signs like BAKERY, FISH AND CHIPS, EAT MY SAUSAGE, SHOE STORE, HAPPY HOUR, etc should not be allowed in Antigua. Antigua should pass regulation, like in Quebec Canada, to advertise in their national tongue, Spanish. I vote to abolish Antigua as a UNESCO site, unless the city retains its culture of Mayan and Spanish language.

  • Mario Paz

    Well, Treblatravel, it might be too late for that. A lot of foreigners own houses in Antigua, and the town’s economy can’t survive without the tourists’ dollars.
    It is not in disagreement with Antigua’s role in history, though, if you think about it: a city for the invaders to enjoy life and exercise power, as Mr. Severo Martinez Pelaez explained in La Patria del Criollo…