Antigua Guatemala Decoration Aesthetics

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Antigua Guatemala Decoration Aesthetics

Often in the past I have talked about the aesthetic values of Antigua Guatemala, from the architecture to the decoration and art. Here we value old and worn stuff, things with authentic character; the older the better. If it chipped or rusted is actually a plus. From doors to forged metal window crates and hand rails to furniture, everywhere you look you are encounter with natural ageing pieces that just feel right and enchanting. Take, for instance, this bar counter at the Fonda Doña Mile, look at all the antique decoration stuff, a disarray of items, yet they work well together, methinks. How about you?

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  • El Canche

    methinks too!….but where can you get this type of aged or “character” furniture or artistic pieces in Guatemala? Are there designers who specialize in this type of product?

    • I guess these aged decoration pieces are found in shops that sells them as well as by scouting. There are quite a few shops that sell antiques, you know.

  • Jose Byron Gonzalez

    In my experience, yes, you can go to an antique shop and pay silly prices… or you can go to the market and ask around. You will end up being referred to an old craftsman who will be more than happy to custom make anything you want for a fraction of the price. I once just pointed at something I liked (in leather) and asked where they got it and within five minutes they found me exactly what I wanted and who made it.