Market Sights — Niña Maya and Strawberries

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Little Maya Girl and Strawberries

Push and pull, push and pull, slowly but with all the strength of her little muscles this little girl was able to bring the box of strawberries near the fruit stand. It breaks my heart to see SO MANY children working instead of being in school like they should if the laws were enforced in Guatemala. Because of education I am able to do and I have shared with you these vistas from Guatemala everyday for over ten years.

What are your thoughts regarding child labor in Guatemala?

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  • NYChapin

    That’s always a tough and painful reality of Guatemala for me and one that I hope they move faster to improve. There is a saying that goes ” Think globally, act locally.” That is my personal approach when I encounter children selling goods on the streets of Guate. I treat them with respect and dignity and refuse to haggle with them over the price of whatever they are selling. Often my relatives warn me that they are “taking advantage” of me by inflating the price. Really? a 10 year old kid selling me a shaved ice (granizada) at midnight, on the streets of the city, is taking advantage of me by overcharging 25 cents?
    Whenever I bring friends to visit Guate for the first time, I ask them to buy chocolate bars and candy. I tell them that I will explain the reason at the right time. Whenever we stop to take the first pictures at any tourist location and we are approach by kids selling trinkets, we ask that before we buy anything from them, that they accept our gifts of chocolate and candy. There is always a bit of confusion at first, but then the biggest smiles light up the day.

  • Rudy, I hope you might remember me and my blog, buried mirror. I used to post a lot about Guatemala, and we were in touch a number of times, but in recent years I have been mostly inactive on the web. I’m returning to web work now and I shared your photo at If you do not think this is appropriate, let me know and I will take the post down. I completely agree about the tragedy of child labor. All best wishes! Tom Christensen