Happy People in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Happy People in Antigua Guatemala

Have you noticed the disproportionate number of happy smiling people around Parque Central. Even I can feel my mood changing as I cross the main square. I am trying to figure it what it is that’s causing the aberration, but I have come to the conclusion that the research and investigation of the causes will require long periods of time by a bench, staring hard and observing people. Let’s hope that this happiness thing is not contagious. Wish me luck!

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  • Jeannine

    Yes, happiness IS contagious in Guatemala !! More than 26 hours of travel to get there, a short nights sleep in my hotel ( which is like my home now since it’s very small, personal and I feel like family ) and then after the first breakfast in the beautiful courtyard I step outside, walk throught he parque right next door and think YES !! I am home and I autoamtically keep smiling all day long because you see happy faces everywhere you look. I have never met anyone unfriendly here or rude or arrogant, especially in the parque which is such a wonderful place to meet friends, make new friends and just sit there for hours and chat with just about anyone sitting next to you. Even if you just share a smile with a street vendor it makes your day….Despite the very toughlife some people have in Guatemala, even just trying to feed their children, they are always smiling and seem far more happy than us “capitalists” where everyone only thinks of themselves… Sharing just a smile would be so easy, but people here forgot how to be happy and content with little things…

    • Awesome, Jeannine, you always shared great stories and feedback.