Sunset Watching from a Terrace in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Sunset Watching from a Terrace in Antigua Guatemala

Perhaps we need to have a series showing each terrace and its point of view so you guys can pick the best perspective to watch the sunsets in Antigua Guatemala, don’t you agree?

Off the top of my head I can come of with the following terraces: Café Sky, Kafka, La Casaca, El Sabor del Tiempo, El Sereno, Los Tres Tiempos, Café Bella Vista; am I missing something?

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  • Eric

    That is a pretty good list, Rudy. I would add the hotel that serves as my “home away from home” when I’m in La Antigua, but then I might not find a room available when I need one…. 😀

    • Jeannine

      Oh yes… know the problem…. Mine has only just recently added a beautiful rooftop terrace… they only have 8 rooms though, so I see your point ;o) !! Then again I don’t leave things to chance : I always reserve my room one year in advance to make sure I get it ( been in a different hotel once a while back, but that was just a hotel… My place is home now and I come home to family and friends twice a year which is just one more point to love Guatemala :o) !!)

    • Oh Eric, the dry season is around the corner, would you like to see a totally different Guatemala? Come soon then.