Getting Oriented in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Getting Oriented in Antigua Guatemala

It blows my mind how easily people get disoriented in Antigua Guatemala and that’s when even using a map. La Antigua Guatemala is such small little town about 9 to 10 block in every direction, yet I often see visitors stoping locals for directions. The local municipal police agents in every corner are the obvious choice when asking for directions, that is if they were better prepared and knew the city inside out. Obviously, sadly that is not the case, as I have observed. How about you, have you gotten good directions from the agents on the corners of Antigua Guatemala?

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  • betsynicoletti

    When I visited with my daughter, I just followed her around. The first few days I was in Antigua alone, I got lost twice–completely opposite (in both directions) of where I wanted to be. But, then, I understood the grid, the importance of the Parque Centrale, and was able to walk about without glancing at a map. It is a beautiful city. And if lost, people are friendly and helpful.