The Fast-food Invasion

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Maya women eating pizza on the streets

What are some of the most noticeable changes I have witness in Antigua Guatemala over the past decade. Well, the saddest is the disappearing of so many book stores and galleries. At the same time and rate, La Antigua Guatemala is almost completed invaded by fast-food restaurants. Let’s see if I can list them all from memory: Little Caesars Pizza, Wendy’s, Subway, Pollo Campero, Al Macarone, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pollo Granjero, Domino’s, Piccadilly, Barista, San Martín, just to mention the most obvious joints. So, sadly as we lose bookstores, we gain pounds of fast-food.

What are your thoughts regarding the abundance of fast-food restaurants in Antigua Guatemala?

© 2016, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Jeannine

    … I wonder how Wendys pays its rent on the parque since I never see anyone in there…. San Martin is not a fast food joint though. Its a great bakery and the restaurant in the courtyard is really great too and not “fast” at all 😉 . The kids always wanna go to mac donalds though, so thats where I take them …. The day I see a Starbucks in Antigua though I will scream !! I prefer my Barista at the parque with my morning papers…..

  • NYChapin

    Great shot Rudy, I love the amazing light on the cobblestones. I think the picture says it all, no words needed.

  • Gary Graham

    seems like the town has changed a lot. Is dona maria’s still functioning? How about the Angeletti family? they used to have a little pizza and pasta place just off the square.Very tasty, iit was. Claudio angeletti was the owners name, i think.