Coca-Cola logo on public lighting posts in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Street Photography — How about a Coca Cola sign at every light post in Antigua Guatemala? How was this approved?

How about a Coca Cola sign at every light post in Antigua Guatemala? How was this approved? What are your thoughts?

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  • El Canche

    Commercialization is a part of our lives I don’t believe we can roll back. In most cases, it is garish, stands out and catches the eye in the most unsubtle way. It is great to see the great brand “Coca Cola” bow its knee to the beautiful World Heritage town of La Antigua and run with something colonial, discreet and almost reverential!

    • dg

      It’s more like Antigua is being raped and branded by Coca Cola. There is nothing colonial, discreet and reverential about the Coca Cola logo.

  • Sue Giovani

    It’s a blatant excuse for cheap and permanent advertising not to mention subliminal. I’m guessing Coke had some hand in supplying these lights and thought it appropriate to remind everyone 1) Who put the lights there, 2) No one would catch on to the free advertising. Possibly a plaque over the logo depicting a famous Guatemalan person or a street name could cover this brand name? Can’t anything be done without expecting something in return? This company already has worldwide name recognition already, why deface such nice lamps with vulgarity?

  • Horrible! What happened to preserving the look of Antigua as a World Heritage site? I know electric street lights didn’t exist back in the 1700’s but come on… putting a Coke logo on them? Ugly.

  • elgordo

    People love Antigua, but this is exactly why I don’t care for it anymore. Antigua is a fraud, Coca Cola just proved it. Antigua should be taken off the world heritage site list because of this and/or Coca Cola should be made to remove these aberrations.