QuinTango and Sonidos Para La Vida offered a free concert in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; QuinTango and Sonidos Para La Vida Perfomed a Free Concert in Antigua Guatemala

Last Tuesday the renown quintet QuinTango and Sonidos Para La Vida, an organisation with young musicians, offered a free concert at the atrium of Iglesia La Merced.

QuinTango is a classical musical quintet that performs and promotes tango music all over the world. There’s a video below that explains more about them and shows some of their musical performances.

Sonidos Para La Vida is a non-profit organisation created to change the life of young kids through music. Mainly they work with public schools that do not have musical programs or classes, especially in rural areas. Their goal is to provide better opportunities to kids who live in risky areas through the power of music.

As part of QuinTango’s tour through Guatemala they offered violin lessons to the students of Sonidos Para La Vida a few days this free concert. Below you can watch a couple of their performances.

Here’s an introductory video explaining who Quintango.

Here’s an introductory video in Spanish about Sonidos Para La Vida.

Unfortunately because of previous commitments I arrived almost at end of the recital, but here’s a little taste of QuinTango’s performance at the atrium of iglesia La Merced in Antigua Guatemala.

QuinTango concert with kids from Sonidos Para La Vida at atrium of La Merced church, Antigua Guatemala performing the song Luna de Xelajú.

QuinTango and Sonidos Para La Vida concert atrium of La Merced church, Antigua Guatemala performing a South American song.

Sonidos Para La Vida thanks QuinTango for their violin lessons in Antigua Guatemala

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  • El Canche

    I think these musical initiatives are wonderful and Tango definitely engages the emotions! I had the pleasure of attending a recital in London given by the amazing Guatemalan violinist Survier Flores accompanied by the talented French pianist Laetitia Federici. We met afterwards and heard that he sponsored children in Guatemala to develop classical violin skills and gave scholarships for the most talented to travel to Europe to develop their talent and inspiration. To encourage and empower people to reach their own stellar potential is certainly one of the greatest gifts …because it just keeps on giving and multiplying!

    • Thanks Canche, you always provide very punctual and intelligent commentary.