Maya Portraits — Maya Woman Harvesting Coffee

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Maya Portraits — Maya Woman Harvesting Coffee 2

This is a behind the scenes picture of a recent photo session I helped to set up for a photographer from abroad. Believe it or not, this was one of the most difficult photo sessions I have organised. For the photo shoot we needed a Maya woman, a horse, a farmer and coffee.

Simple right? Well, it was not. But with the help of my good friend Ruth, a Maya woman from San Antonio Aguascalientes and my friend Armando from San Pedro Las Huertas we were able to accommodate the requirements for the photo session, which took place in several fields of San Pedro Las Huertas with the help of don Juan Gabriel and Canchita, his mare.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Maya Portraits — Maya Woman Harvesting Coffee 4

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  • Jeannine

    Rudy, once again you made me happy today, sharing a photo of Ruth who is my friend also ;o) !! If you happen to see here again these days, please give her a big hug from Jeannine from Alemania and tell her I’m so happy to be coming back home to Antigua soon and seeing everyone again !! I hope so at least… In all your recent picutres of the parque I noticed how empty it looked…. I hope it’s only because you took the pictures early in the morning… I wonder where all my friends are right now and if they are all doing alright since the muni seems to have chased them away from the parque…. I cannont imagine Antigua without spending hours sitting in the parque and chatting with everyone… It would be so sad if they ruined that…

    • I will her know. No worries, ambulant vendors are still in the parque central.