Exploring the back roads of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Explore the back roads of Antigua Guatemala

If you go beyond the heart of downtown Antigua Guatemala, there’s a world of interesting destinations around the villages and nearby municipalities. For instance, the road to El Hato provides so many gorgeous views of the surrounding communities. The road to San Cristóbal El Alto is quite scenic. El Pilar in San Cristóbal El Bajo is another great destination. The villages of San Juan del Obispo, San Gaspar and San Pedro Las Huertas have so many backroad connections,farming fields and forested areas that is such a delight to walk around the area. The road from Santa Catarina Bobadilla to the hills to the east also have some interesting views. In short, there’s so much to explore around the villages of Antigua Guatemala. Give that a try next time you get a chance.

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  • NYChapin

    You read my mind Rudy. I thought of a shot like this when you published a young woman running down from El Cerro de La Cruz. Did you take this shot the same day?

    • Yeah, man, be careful, I know what you’re thinking next.

  • Primum Non Nocere

    Gorgeous natural beauty! And the stone work is out of this world.

    • Yeah, the cobblestone still very rough and raw; very 16th century I guess.