Renovation works at the former USAC building

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Renovation works at the former USAC building in Antigua Guatemala

There are renovation works going on with the façade of the original building of Universidad de San Carlos de Borromeo, USAC, which now houses the Museo de Arte Colonial. I posted about it two weeks ago under Repairs to Museo de Arte Colonial when the green laminas went up, but I decided to follow up to show all the construction workers on top of the scaffolding structures. I hope you enjoy the rare vista.

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  • El Canche

    Renovation is an encouraging theme; wonderful old buildings starting life again and also it’s nice to see public money (if it is) being spent well beautifying the amazing Antigua Guatemala. Sometimes in the news the feeling is that all public money gets stolen….maybe we could see more reports of public officials doing the right thing just to offset the bad news!

    • Actually Canche, I am not sure all these renovation are being paid with public funds, even though there’s plenty there to pay for all of these. In fact, for second year in row, it looks like the Municipality of Antigua Guatemala is executing poorly, way below, the budget allocated by the central government.