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Bougainvillea-lined Road

This is the kind of road the motorcycle riders arriving to La Antigua Guatemala may find. Even I would like to ride …

Coffee and Gravileas Trees Along with Bougainvillea Bushes

This photo is needed to clarify a confusion about the coffee trees and their height. Nathalie from Sydney DP asked if coffee trees grow very tall in La Antigua Guatemala, while referring to this photograph which showed coffee trees and their shadow makers the gravilea trees around Antigua, San Pedro Las Huertas to be precise. I posted a Close-up photo of coffee plantation before to show the coffee bushes (tree could be considered an exaggeration) and the shadow trees known here a gravileas. So, to answer Nathalie’s questions, coffee trees (ed. bushes) do not grow very high; they can be harvest by Guatemalan farm workers on foot.

Huge Bougainvillea Tree at El Pensativo River

Believe it or not, the dry green river bed is El Pensativo River. The other day while driving on Calle Chipilapa, which takes you to La Ermita de la Santa Cruz Ruins, I saw this huge bougainvillea tree on the other side of El Pensativo River, dry now but soon it will have running water. I never seen a bougainvillea tree so big; my wife and I saw a midget bougainvillea tree—about 1 meter in height— in Tapachula, Mexico.

Roses Make Me Happy

Did you know that the slogan of Antigua Guatemala is the city of the perpetual roses? That’s right, although nowadays you find …

Antigua Guatemala Back Roads by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala Back Roads

Antigua Guatemala is full of back roads and shortcuts that can take you to new scenery such as a bougainvillea-lined roadway, paths …

Guatemalan Coffees Are Truly Green

Today, I continue learning about the Guatemalan coffees. In the past I have mention how I thought coffee plantations were beneficial for …

On the news

Below you can browse the portfolio of the photos or stories in other places beyond AntiguaDailyPhoto. AntiguaDailyPhoto referenced or talked about elsewhere …

Gravilea Trees Wallpaper

As mentioned before the Gravilea trees are planted next to coffee bushes to provide the necessary shade for the coffee plants. Once …

Pruning the Gravileas Trees

There is nothing like rain water to make all the flora grow and in Guatemala we have a very copious rainy season …

Guateflora: Falsa Uva (False Grape)

The hoja de falsa uva (false grape) or Parthenocisus inserta as it is known scientifically is a trepadora (climbing) plant. In the trepadoras category the most often used are the hiedra (ivy), uña de gato (cat’s claw), falsa uva (false grape), collar de la reina (queen’s collar), and of course the ever-present bugambilea (bougainvillea). The trepadoras (climbing) category in the Guateflora book has 34 different plants, so I have homework to do. 😉

Load of Wood Fuel

Recently while reading the National Geographic en español, I learnt that not all instances of the use of wood as fuel are bad. According the article about barbecuing wood and charcoal do indeed pollute the atmosphere with smoke and ashes, but it is a recycled-type of energy when compared to other energy sources like gas or electricity.

Pick your color #2

If you love the bougainvillea flowers as much as Pamela does, and you don’t want to move to a secret island called …