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Antigua Characters

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Antigua Guatemala Town Criers

Here I present to you the Antigua Guatemala town criers, better known here as the pregoneros. Before newspapers, radio, television, email, Twitter …


Enchanted by El Sombrerón

El Sombrerón appears at dusk, dragging along a group of mules carrying coal, with whom he travels around the city and its …

Leonel -Nelo- Miijangos hard at work by Norman Ávila

Nelo’s Vantage Point

Norman Ávila, the brains and enthusiastic person behind ClimaYa (Guatemala’s real-time weather reports), sent me these images of Nelo at work hanging from an electric pole. Later on Nelo sent me a photo he took from this vantage point with his iPhone 4. Thanks to Norman Ávila we get the real-time weather reports in AntiguaDailyPhoto, GuatemalaDailyPhoto and XelaDailyPhoto.


Listen to this Maximón…

I love black and white photography! Even though my photographic signature is actually rich, vibrant saturated colors, I really love what can …


Maximón Lives!

A few months ago, I posted as part of the Theme Day some Maximón effigies made from wood, now holly wood really …


Stop Pacaya, Stop!

I can easily hear a lot of Guatemalans asking just that: Stop Pacaya, Stop! For those who don’t know, Pacaya is the …


I Am Fofo!

I am the Walrus… I am Fofo… I am the Walrus. Honest. Fofo is short in Guatemalan Spanish for Rodolfo, which is …