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© Portón de La Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Portón of La Antigua Guatemala

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day from Antigua Guatemala: Portón or gate, or large door. It’s been a while since …


Doorway into the Raw Past

This week I felt through a rabbit hole, a doorway into the raw textured past of Convento Las Capuchinas. Come back tomorrow …

Guatemalan Baroque Entrance by Rudy Giron -

Guatemalan Baroque Entrance

Now, be honest, don’t you wish this was the entrance to your home? I know I do. I normally like very minimalist …

Yet Another Gated Community Entrance by Rudy Giron

Yet Another Gated Community Entrance

Here are some of the answers to the questions asked on the previous posts regarding gated communities. Occupy Antigua Guatemala? Definitely not …

Another Gate Community Entrance by Rudy Giron

Another Gate Community Entrance

Here’s yet another typical entrance for a gated community around Antigua Guatemala. What do your think about gated communities? Are they a …

Gated Community Entrances by Rudy Giron

Gated Community Entrances

It seems that all the real estate developing around Antigua Guatemala are just gated communities; these are like mushrooms, the spring up …

Textured Red Wall with a Window by Rudy Giron

Textured Red Wall with a Window

If you have followed the daily updates of AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while you would know that here we only served rich saturated …

Colorful Red Door by Rudy Girón

Colorful Doors: Red

The category of Doors and Windows has always been among the most popular. It seems that people find fascinating many of doorways …


Garden Under The Rain

Here’s a rainy season vista from A Room With A View. Believe it or not, La Antigua Guatemala always shows its most …


Window Gardens

In other places of the world, windows are just windows. In La Antigua Guatemala windows are shop displays, gardens, pet spots, plant …


Pearls and Pans

I can almost think of the image above as window conceptual art. The combination of the pearls, the manikins, and the pan …


Mailbox: Letters Wanted

Today is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Also, the CityDailyPhoto community around the world is having the monthly theme day which is …

Doorlock by Arturo Godoy


Isn’t it just engaging to run into so many different doorlocks around La Antigua Guatemala? This one is found in one of …


Let Me Out!

I would also want out with such a gorgeous day. This beautiful dog was so peaceful and enjoying the breeze that it …


The Rainiest Year Ever

This has to be the rainiest year ever in my entire life. I had never ever seen so much rainfall. After several …


Forged Metal Door Knocker

How can one find beauty in such a rustic forged metal knocker? I don’t know, but the instant I saw it I …


Amantes a La Antigua

Do you believe this couple will also record their names interlocked inside a heart as proof their present love?


A Room With A View

Don’t we all would love to have a room with a view? Even though this is not my daily view, I can’t …