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Korean Decor in Antigua Guatemala

I never get tired of recommending people to enter every shop, restaurant, hotel, building with public access in Antigua Guatemala to find …

Wild flowers from Guatemala by Rudy Giron -

Wild flowers from Guatemala

There are so many beautiful wild flowers in Guatemala that one can enjoy in hedgerows, fields, milpas, etc. It’s no wonder R.E.M. …


The Band’s Visit

As every Friday at 4 p.m. the municipal band delighted us with a recital of live music. Also, every time I watch …


Sin la letra A

Sem você nem tristeza teremos Pra nos lamentar Sem você nem morrer de saudade Nem mesmo chorar Pois não há chorar E …


Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love – The Blues Brothers by Blues Brothers Soundtrack on Grooveshark In Guatemala Valentine’s Day has a much …


In The Christmas Mood

Poinsettias or Flor de Pascua are in full bloom in The Land of the Eternal Spring for the Christmas season. The most …


Strawberry Fields Forever

Here’s the strawberry fields forever ambulant vendor. Everyday he picks the fields to bring the freshest fresas to Antigua Guatemala. Basket in …


Occupy Antigua Plantón

There was a plantón, sort of an occupy protest, called for many civil organizations to disrupt and put an end to the …


Classic Beetle for Classy Town

Oh I want one of these classic Volkswagen Beetles with white tires and chromed bumpers. Who wouldn’t really. Anyway, to finish the …


Perspective Is Everything!

Yes, perspective is everything! If you don’t believe me compare the Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street movement, since both share …


Siesta Time

It’s your turn to write the caption. The most original caption will win this photo as a post card. Good luck!



Watching the world-famous mime Tamagochy yanking smiles and laughs from the audience formed around his “maleta de la alegría” (happiness suitcase) I …


Nostalgia Triggers

The other day while I waited for the fresh and hot tortillas to come out of the comal I noticed an orange …


Mailbox: Letters Wanted

Today is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Also, the CityDailyPhoto community around the world is having the monthly theme day which is …

Ensamble Antiqua by Arturo Godoy

Ensamble Antiqua

The Santo Domingo del Cerro hosted a Baroque music concert on Palm Sunday, and well, after Nelo’s wonderful work on Processions, perhaps …


Municipal Band Friday Recitals

The Municipal Band Friday recitals is another reason why Parque Central is my favorite part of town. What can I say, I …


AntiguaDailyPhoto’s Top 12 of 2010

12. Colorful Guatemalan Balls, 11. Cathedral Spot Lights Zooming, 10. Sunday Mornings Begin with Coffee and Online Newspapers, 09. The Ages of …