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Antigua Coffee Workshops by Rudy Giron

Antigua Coffee Workshops

What happens when you get together a few passionate coffee lovers? A coffee workshop, of course. Soon enough you will be able …

Vecino Antigüeño and Visitante Frecuente Parking Stickers

Starting around the second or third week of January, the Municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala, city hall government, begins extending the “Vecino Antigüeño” [Antiguan Neighbor] and “Visitante Frecuente” [frequent visitor] windshield stickers.

Guatemalan Freedom Torches

Here’s a picture of the first Freedom Torches, Antorchas de Libertad, leaving from the Palacio del Ayuntamiento. With all the political scandals …

Guatemalan General Elections 2015

Starting at 6am Guatemalans went to the voting booths to cast what their choices for president and vice-president, congress people, mayors and …

© Zero violence, I repeat, only love, happiness and peace while changing the country forever. The cleaning crowds have arrived! by Rudy Giron

Sweeping Changes in Guatemala

Zero violence! Only love, happiness and peace while Guatemalans are changing the country forever with their manifestations and rejection of corruption at …