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© Elderly on Wheelchairs Sunbathing at Park by Rudy Giron

Mondays in the Sun

As I have mentioned before, we make images with everything that we have read, watched, listened to and experienced. If we think …

Happy Smiling People in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

If you don’t like happy people, stay away from Guatemala. There are so many smiling people here that you might get infected. …


We’re Hombres de Maíz

As I have mentioned before, it is impossible to think of the Guatemalan, Mexican and Mesoamerican diet without maize. From the Popul …

The Old Man and The Saint

I was able to capture a portrait of this old man taking the sun next to the San Pedro monument in San …


Real Guatemala: Los mandados

Each morning the streets are filled with people of all ages going or coming from doing errands, as simple as buying fresh …


Guatemalan Spanish Words for Lent Food

Today we will begin our Spanish lesson with some very important Guatemalan Spanish words: Poporopos, Plataninas, Papalinas and Churros. Poporopos: This is …

Unos van, otros vienen

The Alameda El Calvario is one of the few places in Antigua Guatemala where there is a designated pedestrian walkway and so …

An old man with a good face by Rudy Giron

An old man with a good face

More than anything else, I’d like to be an old man with a good face, like Hitchcock or Picasso. —Sean Connery

Each Second Counts by Rudy Giron

Make Each Second Count

In Guatemala the cellular telephone companies advertise that they charge phone call by the second. To be honest, I am not sure …


Siesta Time

It’s your turn to write the caption. The most original caption will win this photo as a post card. Good luck!

Walking with God  by Zach Olson

Walking with God

As this priest walked through the streets of Antigua you could see him praying as he went. It was a refreshing feeling …


Eternal Spring Guatemalan Colors

As we have mentioned before, if you’re planning a visit to Guatemala, make sure you pack your sunglasses if you don’t want …


Stop Pacaya, Stop!

I can easily hear a lot of Guatemalans asking just that: Stop Pacaya, Stop! For those who don’t know, Pacaya is the …


Old Man Thinking

What is he thinking about? The most creative answer for what the old man is thinking will win this photo as a …


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Wow, my kid does look with the sousaphone; I am glad he’s not a piano or guitar player like everyone else; he’s …


What Was the Old Man Thinking?

I wonder what was going through the old man’s mind while watching the young tourist with flip flops (thongs) and short shorts. …


Antigua Guatemala Funeral

When I was eighteen I worked for a senile old man who had been a famous race driver in the 1940-70. Very …


Kites On Sale

The Guatemalan word for kite is barrilete. Papalote is the most often heard word in Spanish for kite, but in Guatemala barrilete is what people use. The kites on sale at this convenience store or tienda are Q2/$.25. The kite that the little boy was holding yesterday was bought from this store.