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© Pilas de Las Capuchinas, La Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Laundromats in Colonial Times

I pride myself of knowing every little corner of La Antigua Guatemala so whenever I discover a hidden aspect in this colonial …


Doorway into the Raw Past

This week I felt through a rabbit hole, a doorway into the raw textured past of Convento Las Capuchinas. Come back tomorrow …


Antigua Architecture Walks

I was fortunate to accompany Guatemalan Architect José María Magaña Juárez, who specializes in conservation of monuments and historic centers and was …



Not the normal way you’d think about contrasts (politically speaking), but I just love it when you just try to challenge lighting …


San Agustín Ruins by Night

I believe this is the second time I share a photo of Ruinas de San Agustín with you guys. Interesting enough, both …


El Carmen Ruins

I think this piece of architecture is absolutely gorgeous. Especially with those sellers and colorful textile products from Mercado De Artesanos El …


Leaves of Grass

I am sure you were already thinking of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Gotcha! Well, this is really a literal snapshot or …


Amantes a La Antigua

Do you believe this couple will also record their names interlocked inside a heart as proof their present love?


Las Capuchinas Ruins Stairway

The Convento de Las Capuchinas is among the best preserved ruins in La Antigua Guatemala. Every nook and cranny of Las Capuchinas …


Santa Clara Ruins Garden

The Santa Clara ruins is among the most popular wedding destination venues. And even if folks don’t decide to celebrate inside Santa …


El Carmen Handicrafts Market

Visiting the El Carmen ruins folkart market is among the top things people do on the weekends and holidays in La Antigua …


Portal to An Ancient World

The whimsical, timeless allure of La Antigua’s colonial architecture, peacefully protected ruins and cobbled streets is a common theme of which I’ll …


Free Culture

In La Antigua Guatemala we are so lucky to have plenty of free culture. The Festival Internacional de Jazz en Antigua and …


Colorful Guatemala

Colorful Guatemala, I tell you, colorful Guatemala! Si ni los mismos guatemaltecos logramos entender la complejidad cultural en la que vivimos… —Ale …