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San Felipe de Jesús

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Secluded Sunday Lunch Surprise by Zach Olson

Secluded Sunday Lunch Surprise

On sundays there is a restaurant open on the top of the mountain within Finca Filadelfia. The food is delicious, and the …


Fuego y Acatenango Volcanoes

In my never endless pursuit of bringing your familiar vistas from unfamiliar perspectives I present to you volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango as …


It’s Coffee Time!

In La Antigua Guatemala we are so lucky to be able to get excellent coffee just about everywhere. Cafetenango in Finca Filadelfia …


Fun for All Ages

So who’s fit to go on such a daredevil adventure of soaring like a bird? Antigua Canopy Tours assures that anyone from …


Birds-Eye View of Nature

Antigua Canopy Tours isn’t just about the unique experience of gliding… it’s about gliding through a tropical rainforest or cloud forest canopy. …


Have a Safe Flight

“The three most important factors for the canopy tour are security, a family-oriented experience and promoting nature,” Antigua Canopy Tours Manager Pascu …


Constructing a Canopy Course

“We could see the topography was just perfect,” Victor Gallo confidently asserted. Victor Gallo is the expert Antigua Canopy Tours hired to …


El Santuario

Platform One is where the “flying” begins. After a thorough explanation and demonstration of the special techniques required to properly enjoy the …


Pick Your Poison

Just how daring are you? There are two zipline circuits offered by Antigua Canopy Tours. The first is Forest Express: six distinct …



What a beast. The journey of “flying through the forest” with Antigua Canopy Tours begins with a ride in the unique UNIMOG, …


Gliding Through the Treetops

Dangling like a spider on a web, he slightly rocks back and forth in his harness as he awaits the “okay” to go. At the cue, he lifts his legs, bends his knees… and takes off, plunging into a tunnel of thick, forest foliage. A whirring sound follows in close pursuit as he soars above the sloping forest floor, suspended meters – at times more than 100 meters – above the ground. To onlookers below, he looks like nothing more than a fragile doll that is somehow managing to cling to a nearly invisible cable as he races across the treetops.


House Inside Coffee Plantation

Besides the Canopy Zip Lines tours you can find at Finca Filadelfia, in Antigua Guatemala, there are all kinds of activities to …