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Ironwork Candle Wall Holder

Let’s start easy on this Monday. Here’s a simple candle wall holder made by the blacksmiths of Antigua Guatemala. This is really …


Gorgeous Light Lovers Wanted!

Hurry, we only have a few more weeks of gorgeous light left before the rainy season begins. I wonder why Guatemala does …

Textured Red Wall with a Window by Rudy Giron

Textured Red Wall with a Window

If you have followed the daily updates of AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while you would know that here we only served rich saturated …

Each Second Counts by Rudy Giron

Make Each Second Count

In Guatemala the cellular telephone companies advertise that they charge phone call by the second. To be honest, I am not sure …

Walk This Way by Rudy Giron

Walk This Way!

I have a fascination for bare naked walls that show the materials that are used to form them. Bricks, rocks, concrete, adobe, …

Blue Wall by Rudy Girón

Blue Wall

If walls could talk, what kind of stories do you think we would hear from this wall?


The Walls Speak for 99%

Everywhere, the times they are a-changin’ Libertad, Expresión, Conciencia the wall declares. Liberty, Freedom of Expression and Conscience could be the rough …


Garden Wall at Sabe Rico

Here’s yet another photograph of a garden wall taken at Sabe Rico restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. As I have said in previous …


Rustic Brick Wall

In La Antigua Guatemala there is an appreciation for rustic walls. If you visit the post Let me show you my guts, …


Everybody Walks in LAG

Oh leave it to the French and their Je ne sais quoi, yo no sé que in Spanish, to describe something the …


The Jocotes de Corona Wallpaper

Here’s yet another gift for those Guatemalans living abroad, the jocotes de corona wallpaper that you can download from here at 1200×900 …


Before Sunset in La Antigua Guatemala

The quality of the sunset light during the winter months in La Antigua Guatemala is the best of the year. Almost anything you photograph has this warm feel. If you are in Antigua now, click away like crazy. Even a simple shadow can be warmth, don’t you think so?