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Corn, Beans and Light

I enjoy talking to and interviewing the campesinos I encounter on my morning walks on the hills of the skirt of Volcán …


We’re Hombres de Maíz

As I have mentioned before, it is impossible to think of the Guatemalan, Mexican and Mesoamerican diet without maize. From the Popul …


Real Guatemala: El campesino

The land belongs to those that work it with their own hands. —Emiliano Zapata La tierra es de quien la trabaja con …

Procuring The Firewood by Rudy Giron -

Procuring the firewood

Whenever you come across people riding horses or donkeys over the cobblestone streets of La Antigua Guatemala you feel like you are …

Recycling the Maize Canes by Rudy Giron

Recycling the Maize Canes

It’s amazing how this farmworker can carry so many discarded maize canes on his back, just like an ant, carrying more weight …


Heading Out To Work

Living in La Antigua Guatemala is such a trip because you get to see and experience different eras and lifestyles all at …