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Bella Vista Baristas

Well well, well if you think baristas are all men, then you got it wrong. As you can see here, the baristas …

Coffee Still Life by Rudy Giron

Coffee Trivia from Guatemala

The first time we “officially” drunk coffee in Guatemala was in 1743 for the celebration of the conversion of the Catedral de …

Coffee and Wi-Fi Are Us

I don’t know if you can find another place on Earth that has more coffee shops and public access Wi-Fi hotspots per …

Coffee Props

I really like all the coffee props or decoration found in the many coffee houses in Antigua Guatemala. This antique weight scale …

Coffee and Cupolas by Rudy Girón

Coffee and Cupolas

If you live in or around Antigua Guatemala you get used to coffee farms, coffee lots and coffee orchards and cupolas very …


Guatemalan Christmas Food

Among the most popular foods found for dinner in Christmas Eve and during Christmas are tamales colorados (red tamales), tamales negros (black …


Breakfasts At Sabe Rico

Sabe Rico Restaurant, Chocolatería & Delicatessen is a great place to have delicious and nutritious breakfasts in La Antigua Guatemala. The range …


Coffee Tours in Antigua Guatemala

Coffee spawns a new industry around Antigua Guatemala: Coffee tours. It was only a matter of time before the coffee plantations open …


Guatemalan Coffees Are Truly Green

Today, I continue learning about the Guatemalan coffees. In the past I have mention how I thought coffee plantations were beneficial for …


The Hands That Rock the Coffee

These are the hands the rock the coffee berries off the branches swiftly, almost effortlessly it seemed. There’s something about these hands …


Coffee Colors

In Spanish we use the word café to mean coffee and brown. Coffee berries, however, begin their color palette lifecycle as green …


Guatemalan Weekend Tamal Breakfast

Here’s what a typical Sunday morning Guatemalan breakfast may look like. I say Sunday morning breakfast because normally one can only find …


Coffee, Bagels and Free Wifi

The Bagel Barn is a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala for getting a bagel sandwich, great coffee and checking your email. …


Time to harvest the coffee in La Antigua Guatemala

So what makes La Antigua Guatemala the best coffee in the world? To get the best cup of coffee of the world, one must start with the right altitude; somewhere above 1,500 meters above the sea level; add lots of fertile volcanic soil; mix in plenty of rain (about six months); stable temperate weather (about 75˚ F / 25˚ C); once you have the above, make sure you plant the best possible Arabica coffee.


Coffee Harvest Time in Guatemala

Yesterday’s photo was a close-up of the coffee bush in the lower left corner of today’s photo. If you click on the image above you can the coffee bushes (the small trees) being harvested under the shadows of the Gravilea trees in San Pedro Las Huertas, La Antigua Guatemala. Around La Antigua Guatemala you can find coffee bushes everywhere, including as part of the hedges of La Compañí­a de Jesús ruins.


The Coffee Colors

The other day we heard many voices on the other side of the fence; voices of children and women just talking and laughing. We approached the windows on the second floor to see what was all the commotion; then we saw men, women and children harvesting the coffee. At this moment, you can see the turning point of coffee from green to golden yellow and finally cherry red.